The structural means of your turnkey business.

Votre structure d'entreprise clé en main : votre bureau équipé clé en main, flexible et rentable intégrant des services structurels. Appelez le 04 86 85 6000. location bureau équipé pertuis / location bureau équipé aix en provence / location bureau équipé de standing aix en provence , location bureau équipé regus / location bureau équipé multiburo / location burau équipé pas cher aix en provence / aix en provence location bureaux equipés / location de bureau au mois / location bureau équipé / bureau / location de bureau / bureau équipé pertuis à louer / bureau équipé aix en provence à louer / bureau équipé de standing aix en provence à louer , bureau équipé regus à louer / location bureau équipé multiburo / location burau équipé pas cher aix en provence / aix en provence bureaux equipés à louer / location de bureau au mois / location bureau équipé / bureau à louer / location de bureau /

More than an equipped office ... an Ékypé ™ office!

We immediately provide you with a turnkey, flexible and profitable workspace integrating quality furnished offices, shared human resources, fixed and variable charges, in a customizable package, with fixed monthly payments.


Where find your Ekypped™ office Flex ? 

  • Working_rolls_centre_d_affaires_Paris_75

    Administrative headquarters

    PARIS 8


    Opening hours 9 a.m.> 6 p.m.

    6 Avenue D ROOSEVELT

    75008 PARIS

    Sur RDV

  • centre d'affaires batycom aix en provenc

    AIX-en-PROVENCE business center



    Opening hours 9 a.m.> 5 p.m.

    38 Parc du Golf

    350 avenue Guillibert de la Lauzière

    13100 AIX-en-PROVENCE

  • Working_rolls_centre_d_affaires_AIX EN P

    AIX-en-PROVENCE DURANNE Business Center


    Opening hours 8:30 a.m.> 7 p.m.

    320 avenue Archimède

    Les Pléiades III Bât C

    13100 AIX-en-PROVENCE

  • Working Rolls location bureau coworking

    AIX NORD business center



    Opening hours 8:30 a.m.> 5 p.m.

    ZAC St Martin

    23 rue Benjamin FRANKLIN

    84120 PERTUIS

  • Working_rolls_centre_d_affaires_valence_

    VALENCIA spaces



    Opening hours 8:30 a.m.> 5 p.m.

    105 rue des Mourettes
    26000 VALENCE

Plug & Work.

Because time is money, everything is already configured when you arrive.

You are operational within one minute of your arrival.

Really ALL inclusive offers.

An all-inclusive monthly package, clear service conditions, no unpleasant surprises with us!



No predefined commitment, it's up to you to choose the rental period you need.


You modulate in time and space the volume of services necessary according to your business.

Guaranteed profitability.

Thanks to this flexibility, you can be sure that you only pay for the services you use when you need them.


and quality


A full range of offices equipped from 1 to 30 people, associated with services based on an ISO 9000: 2015 Quality system.

Immediate and lasting benefits


Our concept allows you to reduce your charges by up to 30%.

Flexible turnkey

real estate solution

Rental charges

fixed and stable

Furniture solution

Quality furniture

Telephony solution

Everything is included !

Internet solution

Broadband 24/7

Informatic solution


Printing solution

Multifunction copiers

Continuous multilingual welcome service

Full Postal Service

Administrative Assistance Service

IT service

IT management

Maintenance service

Office maintenance & maintenance

Quality department

Continuous monitoring of the quality of services

Shuttle service TC VTC

Free coffee

Rent now your turnkey business structure.


Choose your workspace according to the current need.

Your workspace is variable in time and space, you can take another office as your team grows!


Range of offices equipped for one resident and able to receive two visitors.


Range of offices equipped for two residents.


Range of offices equipped for three residents.


Range of offices equipped with four workstations.

Then choose the class of services you need.




€ 650, - per month all inclusive

Monthly ht price for 1 PERSO production office of approximately 12 m². All-inclusive package, excluding stamp and photocopying costs. Installation costs € 290 excl. Possibility to customize this pack. Consult us.


Class Starter +

+ € 290,-per month



Live now the unique experience of an Ékypé ™ office

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